A selection of articles published in third-party media.

Rape culture: would prison abolition help women?
Open Democracy, February 24th 2015

What would transformative justice for survivors look like?

Occupy London Is Back to Make the UK a Better Place
Vice, October 27th 2014

Remember #occupy?

An Essay on Scottish Independence
Queer Institute, September 29th 2014

London media did not appreciate the scale of the Independence referendum, only concerned with the effect on the 2015 General Election. But left unanalysed was the UK model that doesn’t work effectively for its own citizens, particularly in its protection of class and empire.

Women Bishops & Modern Patriarchy
Bleak Bleak Bleak magazine, Summer 2014 #2

The General Synod’s vote last week to allow women bishops has broader significance beyond the Church of England

Solidarity is For White Gays: The Need To Speak Better About Russia
Truthout, February 7th 2014

Westerners are talented in proclaiming themselves experts on Russia. This did not start with Pussy Riot, it’s been happening since Catherine the Great

Is it a war on journalism, or a war on information?
OISC | International Observatory on Stability & Conflict, December 6th 2013

Jeremy Scahill recently intervened on Democracy Now! to explain the Obama administration’s “war on journalism”. But what is it exactly, and how does it play out?

Rape – not sexy, just awful
OISC | International Observatory on Stability & Conflict, January 11th 2012

What is consent and why are we walking away from it?

Thatcher’s children, in the ruling classes and society, made this inevitable
OISC | International Observatory on Stability & ConflictAugust 23rd 2011

In the very recent aftermath of very traumatic events for a country, here is a breakdown the social barriers of race divisions, class war, and utter lack of social cohesion.

Response to ‘Two strikes in four weeks is irresponsible
Shade, December 3rd 2013

Only regular strikes can achieve equality when Higher Education is privatised

Can Miliband’s populism break free of Thatcher’s legacy?
Shade, November 23rd 2013

What should Miliband’s strategy be in a land of austerity and political apathy?

Top tips: what is local democracy?
The Guardian, August 27th 2012

A round up the best comments and advice from our expert panel on the changing role of local government

Childcare costs hit 20% of a parent’s earnings
The Guardian, July 2nd 2012

Family Investments report looked at average wages for an area compared with the average cost of childcare


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