A selection of podcast, video or other audiovisual media.

Diversity in the Media
East is East, Episode 1 – April 14th 2015

The very first episode of East is East, a podcast of cultural critique broadcasting from Shoreditch Radio, focuses on diversity in the media, and features a revealing interview with former BBC journalist Kurt Barling.

Ellen Page, the HRC, Kansas, and Facebook’s gender pronouns
Queer Punx, February 19th 2014

On Ellen Page’s coming out and the Human Rights Campaign, whose conference she chose as the platform from which to make her announcement. Other issues discussed: homophobia in Kansas, and the introduction of Facebook’s new multi-option gender pronouns.

Katy Perry – History’s Greatest Monster? On pop culture, bisexual erasure, homophobia & mental health

Queer Punx, November 26th 2013

A discussion on bisexuality, bisexuality and bisexuality. Also covered: Transgender Day of Remembrance, the POC Zine Project, Lily Allen’s foray into feminist discourse, the appropriation and fetishisation of the bodies of women of colour, the language of mental health in relation to pop music, and then about half an hour devoted to Katy Perry (who may very well be history’s greatest monster).


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